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Kicked in the Nuts - a true story!
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The photo below was taken of Drew in the hospital shortly after his surgery. The photo actually shows all the gory details but I thought I would spare you. Trust me, it isn't a pretty sight. If you have to see it click on his photo below.

Listen to "Kicked in the Nuts" on our Welcome CD and read the lyrics below.

I went to a party and jumped into a fight
I landed on my back and he looked me in the eyes
then I felt his boot moving down my thighs

kicked in the nuts, got any guts?

lying in the hospital, could not be mistaken
lying on my back, the stitches won't stop aching
plus oozing from the wound, half a nut was missing

kicked in the nuts, got any guts?

then I found out who the fucker was
he still didn't have the balls to see he was mistaken
came around a couple times, wouldn't look me in the eyes
went to a party and he tried to call it lies

Oh! My aching...