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What other people said...
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On our music...
Just a note to remind you that Random Killing is The Best Hardcore Band in Canada, which makes 'em the best in the goddamn world as far as I'm concerned. EQ Magazine
Montreal, Quebec 
Some Punk-Hardcore to the power of 10, with lyrics that are sometimes fun, sometimes very serious. Pull the Chain
This is the type of good old-fashioned HC that gets you up and grooving...that's consistently tight and catchy. Maximum RocknRoll
San Francisco, California
I love this band! Wild, hard, hot, fast, loud, loose, obnoxious, crazed, painted raving beasts. Fringe Benefits
London, Ontario
Nach der night sonderlich begeisternden letztjahrigen LP flatterte mir jetzt direkt aus Kanada diese Zusammenstellung mit altern Material der Torontoer HC-Punks ins Haus.****  Ox Faces the Facts
This CD is full of great punk rock and sick humour. Flipside
Pasadena, California
See, the best hardcore bands have usually had a sociopolitical take on things, and Random Killing is no exception.  Eye Weekly
Toronto, Ontario 
Grupa pozostala wierna swemu brzmieniu. 'Zine
Random Killing, and other bands of its ilk, have kept the anger grunge has lost since it became pop.  Fax Magazine
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rude, angry, raw, abrasive and fun. Yeah fun. CMJ
Middle Neck, New York 
Toronto's best punk rock. The songs are loud, obnoxious and unpolished. The Gleaner
Vancouver, British Columbia 
Welcome to the perfect soundtrack for the school year. Network
Toronto, Ontario 
Random Killing kick-starts punk in the ass. Slur
Edmonton, Alberta
If you want unadulterated, unapologetic, undeniable punk and you're convinced virtually all bands are golddiggers with only mainstream radio on their minds, Random Killing will be up your alley.  The Sault Star
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 
Yep, we sure do get a lot of weird shit 'round here. Partake if you dare my friends.  Screams from the Gutter
Belle Mead, New Jersey
Listening to Random Killing is like smashing a shovel over your head - it's loud, hard and violent.  London Free Press
London, Ontario
Gee Dick, it's got a good beat and you can dance to it. The Nugget
Edmonton, Alberta 
Overall, I must say it is a most excellent album that belongs in anyone's collection.  The Brock Press
St. Catherines, Ontario
This is great stuff that deserves to be supported, so buy it already. Trans FM
Ottawa, Ontario 
This is great stuff! Random Killing's sound? Imagine the Barenaked Ladies, on acid, playing speed-metal. That's pretty close. The Caper Times
Sydney, Nova Scotia 
Welcome to the world of Random Killing, Canadian punks extraordinaire. If nothing else, these guys certainly don't pull any punches.  The Oshawa Times
Oshawa, Ontario
The language is coarse and sarcastic. Only the prudish could remained stonefaced.  HMV Magazine
Toronto, Ontario

On our live show...
Nothin' stopped them once they got started, they were soon a sweaty mass of flesh, blood, swirling, light, sound, sensation... Drool was doing his usual screaming, jumping, rolling, writhing, singing, diving, crawling, well, either he gets too much chocolate or he's just weird. Fringe Benefits
London, Ontario 
Drool's the clown, the trapeze artist, the lion tamer - he's the whole circus damnit! A blur of colours and tattoos, he spits out vocal chunks until he has to gasp for air. Intense, yet charming.  Thrust
Ottawa, Ontario