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Last update December 14, 2014

**** Lazy alert!  If the dates below don't look current check out RANDOM KILLING on Facebook.

2015 - continuation of our 30th Anniversary Shows...


2014 - Nov 8 - Lincoln County near Jordan, ON - Random Killing 30th Anniversary Show - house party.

2014 - Oct 17 - Brantford - Random Killing 30th Anniversary Show - with Gag Order, The Nasties, No Reason.

2014 - Sept 27 - Toronto - Hard Luck Bar - with Dayglo Abortions and others.

2014 - Sept 13 - Sault Ste Marie - Random Killing 30th Anniversary Show - Hardcore Home coming with Jack Spades, Destroilet, Element.

2014 - June 14 - Toronto - The Cage - Random Killing 30th Anniversary Show -with Punch Drunk, Volume Knobs and others.

2014 - June 13 - Oshawa - The Atria - Random Killing 30th Anniversary Show - with - Gag Order, Punch Drunk and others.

2014 - May 17 - London - The APK - Under F*cking Rated 2014 - with Reagan Youth Party, Dayglo Abortions and The Nasties.

2013 - Nov 29 - Barrie -

2013 - Oct 11- Oshawa -

2013 - May 18 - Montreal - Katacombes - Pouzzafest - with Psycho (2am), Random Killing (12:45am), Vulgar Deli (11:30p), Hockey Teeth (10:15p), Self Control (9:15p), Armed and Hammered (8:15p) and others.

2013 - Feb 8 - Toronto - Lee's Palace- with Dead Kennedys and the Skulligan.

2012 - Nov 23 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - with Armed and Hammered, with special guests.

2012 - Oct 27 - Toronto - El Mocambo - with Armed and Hammered, Skaface and special guests.

2012 - Oct 12 - Toronto - Lee's Palace - with DOA and the Punching Nuns.

2012 - Jun 9 - Toronto - Mitzi's Sister - with Skaface and Voodoo Bunny.

2012 - May 18 - Montreal - Pouzzafest - Katacombes - with The Dwarves, The Meatmen, Naughty Girls, Genital Hospital, Speed Massacre, Danger, Days of Rage, Skullians, Talksick, Rat Patrol, - Random Killing's set begins at 10:25pm

2012 - Jan 14 - Toronto - Rancho Relaxo

Dec 29 - St. Catherines

2011 - July 21 - Punkfest

2010 - Oct 7 - Brantford - with the Dayglos and Pantichrist.

(site wasn't updated between 2006-2010)

2006 - Dec 15 - Peterborough - details to follow...

Dec 2 - Brantford - Bottoms Up - with The Rotten (Kitchener), P.D.H (Kitchener), Dead City Citizens (Brantford), Years End (Stoney Creek) - doors at 9pm, $7, 17+/licensed.

Dec 1 - London - The Wyck.

Nov 27 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - with Ab Irato (Montreal), G-Men, Spoiled Rotten (Hamilton), Cluster Bombs (Brantford), Bukkake Katholik, Terminals - show begins at 9pm. $8 (for 7 bands) - 19+.

Sept 29 - Shennan - Shennanfest - a weekend party in the country! Highway 30 to Meyersburg off 401. Check out our myspace web site for more info... http://www.myspace.com/therandomkilling 

Sept 22 - London - The Wick. Just you and us baby! Doors at 8pm.

Aug 19 - God's Country - Rob's Annual Farm bash

July 21 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - with G-Men, Psycho Pathos, Snot Rockets (Buffalo), 4 Stroke (Ottawa)

July 15 - Eganville - Punkfest - Spyder's 70th Birthday!!! We are playing Saturday sometime. We were told Saturday afternoon but if you have ever been to Punkfest this basically means "anytime" Saturday or Sunday... Follow this link down memory lane to see photos of us playing the very first punkfest!

June 28 - Toronto - Kathedral - ALL AGES with:

THE GHOULLS 10:15-10:45
tba (one more ALL AGES BAND) 7:15-7:45

June 10 - Hamilton - Corktown - with G-Men, Sam Lawrence 5 and The Responsibles

March 26, 2006 - Toronto - Kathedral - with Ripcordz, Knucklehead, Fullblast, The Diabollocks - $10 - ALL AGES.

Dec 3 - Montreal, QC - Play House - 5656 Parc Ave - with Ab Irato, G-Men, Red Circle, and others TBA.

Dec 2 - Donnacona, QC - Jack Bar - 192 St-Jacques Ave - with Red Circle, G-Men and Make Some Noise - 9pm - $6.

Dec 1 - Quebec City, QC - Arlequin bar - 1070 St-Jean Street - with Red Circle, Les Loubards, G-Men, and Ab Irato - 9pm - $6.

Oct 29 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - Halloween Massacre G-Men 4th Anniversary Party with Bella Bombs, Hockey Teeth, Pantichrist, Ab Irato, No Reason, Bunchofuckingoofs, Class Assasins and The Blood Stains - $10

Sept 20 - Toronto - Bovine Sex Club - with special guests.

Sept 7 - Toronto - Neutral - 349a College St. W. (entrance on Augusta St.). $5.

Aug 20 - Minden - Rob's Annual Farm Bash - with Hockey Teeth.

Aug 19 - Brantford - J's Place with No Reason, Grayline and G-Men. More info to follow...

Aug 6 - Toronto - Kathedral - with G-Men, The Antics, Craked Up (Philadelphia), The Rotten, The Green Bastards - All Ages, 8pm - $6

July 16 - Ottawa Valley - Spider's Place - Punkfest - visit www.punkfest.com for details and band line-up.

July 3 - Toronto - Kathedral - Weedfest - with a bunch of bands including the Black Donnelly's - we are on at 10:30pm

May 20 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - Montreal's VUGAR DELI CD release Party!

CANCELLED! Someone fucked up the booking! - April 22 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - with the G-Men, Constable Brennan and Pantychrist.

March 26 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - G-MEN CD release party with Downbelows and The Fallout.

March 12, 2005 - Brantford - J's Place - G-Men, No Reason, PantyChrist and others.

Dec 31 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - New Year's Eve Madness with Murder Squad, Hands of Death, G-Men, Panty Christ, Saigon Distress Signal and Squalor.

Dec 11 - Toronto - The Horseshoe - Joe Strummer / Clash Tribute Part III - Lots of great bands playing your favourite Clash tunes. All proceeds to Joe Stummer forest. Come early it sells out fast!!!

Nov 12 - Brantford - J's Place - with No Reason, Spoiled Rotten, The Larsonists and Under Age Mouthfuls. All Ages. Doors at 7pm. $8. View gig poster...

Oct 31 - Toronto - Kathedral - with Dirty Bird and others. All Ages.

Oct 16 - Oshawa - The Dungeon - with Dirty Bird, Radar Hate and others.

Sept 18 - Toronto - Kathedral - Black Donnellys reunite! This will be the first Toronto show for these London punk rock legends in 16 years! All Ages - $8 - doors at 7pm. Line up as follows:

Black Donnellys
The 3tards
Random Killing
Dirty Bird
Guts & Glory
Underage Mouthfuls

Sept 3 - Oshawa - The Dungeon - with Punch Drunk, FATO, Radarhate and Blackjacket. Doors at 7pm - $7/$6 with gig flyer.

Aug 21 - Haliburton - Rob's annual FARM BASH with the 3Tards and others...

Aug 14 - Toronto - The 360 - Anti-Warped Tour - ALL AGES - come early!!!

6:15 - Rebels with a Cause
7:00 - A Dying Race
7:45 - The Lorrainas
8:30 - The Fallout
9:15 - Random Killing
10:00 - Sinkin' Ships
10:45 - The Heatskores
11:30 - The Rebel Spell
12:15 - Fighting Chance (Baltimore)
1:00 - Bunchofuckingoofs

July 16 - Hamilton - Underground - with Pantychrist and guests.

June 18 - Brantford - J's Place - with Pantychrist, No Reason, Running with Scissors, Nobody Special. LICENSED / ALL AGES. Show begins at 8pm.

June 5 - Toronto - Sneaky Dees - with Liquor Pigs, The Fall Out and the Terrorists .

May 28 - Toronto - Sneaky Dees - with Sinkin' Ships the Downbelows and the No Nos .

May 21 - Hamilton - Corktown - with Class Assassins the Downbelows and Pantychrist .

Apr 30 - Toronto - Q-Bar with the Eighty-Sixers.

Apr 24 - Toronto - Kathedral - 3Tards CD release with a bunch of great bands including Son of Bronto, Bangers, Action and The Antics. All Ages. $10 with 3tards CD or $7 without. See show flyer.

Apr 3 - Streetsville - Masonic Lodge - with Riot 99, Antics, Action, Guts & Glory. Lodge is located at Queen and Thomas. For more info e-mail chaos_sk8er@hotmail.com

Apr 1 - Toronto - Q-Bar - with Riot 99. $5

Feb 13, 2004 - Toronto - Q-Bar - Come on out for a cozy romantic evening and rekindle your love affair with Random Killing in the foreground! We're dusting off a ton of vintage Killing and will be playing all night long (at least two sets)!!! $5

Dec 31 - Montreal - Cafe Chaos - New Year's Eve with The Ripcordz and other special guests.

Update: Thanks to the Ripcordz for hosting this party - it rocked! It sold out by 10:30pm (they turned away about 200 people).

Dec 23 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's. Benefit for the Toronto Food Bank.

Dec 13 - Toronto - Club Rockit - Cross Canada Anti-Christmas bash with Dirty Bird, The 3tards, Ray Noid and Santa!!! Come have your photo taken with the old bastard himself! View the gig poster.

Update: See your Polaroid mug shots with Santa and view a clip of the show.

Dec 6 - Toronto - The Horseshoe - Joe Strummer / Clash Tribute Part II - Lots of great bands playing your favourite Clash tunes. All proceeds to Joe Stummer forest. Come early - last year it was sold out by 11pm!

Update: We raised enough money to purchase another 60-80 trees for the Joe Strummer Forest!

Oct 31 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - Halloween Bash with G-Men and others

Oct 30 - Waterloo - The Lancaster - Devil's night at The Rotten CD release party. View the gig poster.

Sept 28 - Hamilton - The Underground - with The Independents, The 3tards and Panty Christ - 8pm

Sept 26 - Peterborough - The Trasheteria - with Rammer, Separation Suicide and The Eightysixers

Sept 6 - Toronto - Tequilla Lounge - with Teenage Head, Class Assassins, G-Men and The Eightysixers - $7

Aug 23 - Minden - Robber's Farm - lot's of bands and a good feast!

June 23 - Montreal - Foufounes Electrique - with Montreal's own Vulgar Deli and Toronto's G-Men.

June 14 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - Detroit's finest Ska/punk St. Thomas Boys Academy, Son of Bronto and 3tards! View the show poster.

June 6th - Toronto - Club Rockit (120 Church St) - North by Northeast Music Fesitval - Toronto Punk Showcase with:

Random Killing - 1am
Vulgar Deli - 12am
G-Men - 11pm
The Brat Attack - 10pm
Psychopaths - 9pm

May 9 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - with Always Die Fighting (ADF), Murder Squad T.O. and 3tards. $5. Rob tells me this is ADF's last show so don't miss it! View the show handbill.

April 23 - Toronto - 360 - I think this is a Doctor's Without Borders benefit for Iraq being put on by Raw Energy Records. We are just going to play a short set at the beginning of the evening (9pm). There will be lots of other bands (more info to follow...)

April 19 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - this will be Armed and Hammered's last show!!! Two members recently decided to pack it in... Four bands total. The lineup will be Cold Blue Sky, Eightysixers, Random Killing, Armed and Hammered. $5 - first 30 people in will get a free Armed and Hammered CD! View the show handbill.

April 9 - Toronto - B-Side - this isn't our show. We'll be playing 9:30pm

Mar 14 - Toronto - The 360 - Multiple Sclerosis benefit show with Battlestar, Class Assassins, Cheerleader, Beware of the Valley, Sinkin' Ships - doors at 8:30pm. We'll less one guitar for that show but it should still rock!

Feb 7 - Newmarket - Newmarket Youth Centre - Punk's Not Dead in Suburbia 3 with Action, Thugs (ex-Class), Beware of the Valley, The Migrane, Return for Refund and Moose Claw. ALL AGES. Show starts at 6:30pm and over by 11pm.

Feb 7 - Toronto - Horseshoe - Clash Tribute night. This is being organized by Mopa Dean (ex - Armed'n'Hammered and current G-Men). A bunch of bands will be playing short sets that will include a few Clash tunes each. Proceeds from the evening will go to a charity that Joe Strummer contributed to. We'll be going on after midnight to allow time to get back from our Newmarket show.

Jan 25 - Hamilton - Corktown - SOL Records showcase with Jerry Can and Dead Letter Department. Show ends at midnight. We'll be on at 11pm.

Jan 17 - Oshawa - The Dungeon - Return of the Raw show (ex Raw Energy Records Bands) - Actually, we just caught word from Drew that he will not be able to make the show (he is up North in the Saulte) so we are off the bill!

Fatal Warsnake - ex Out of Hand and Double Standard
The Video Dead - ex Cutoff and Trunk
Bombs Over Providence - ex MV
The Downblows - ex Trigger Happy and Tirekickers

Jan 11, 2003 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - with Armed'n'Hammered, Maximum RNR, Damn 13 and Gash. $5. We'll be giving away some FREE limited edition CD/CD-ROM with tunes and Videos.

Dec 30 - Toronto - Kathedral (Queen and Bathurst) - with Dirty Bird, Son of Bronto, G-Men, Test Monkey. This will be your New Year's Eve warm-up party the day before New Year's Eve. 19+, $7, First 30 people to enter the gates get a FREE Random Killing CD/CD-ROM with our new tunes and some videos.

Nov 15 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - with Armed'n'Hammered, G-Men (ex-Armed'n'Hammered). $5

Oct 29 - Toronto - The Bovine Sex Club - with Punching Nuns (this is their show - we'll be opening - come early - Cheap drinks until 11pm).

Sept 27 - Toronto - Q-Bar - with BC's Blinded and Kook Show.

Aug 24 - Haliburton - Rob and Kirk's annual outdoor farm gig - I'm not sure of the exact lineup but it includes Battlestar, Outta Hand, 86ers, Cactus and others.

Aug 17 - Toronto - Anti-warped tour - line as follows:

01. 07:00PM-07:30PM TBA
03. 08:30PM-09:00PM THE CLASS
06. 10:45PM-11:20PM THE HEATSKORES
07. 11:35PM-12:10AM DIRTY BIRD
09. 01:15AM-01:55AM RANDOM KILLING

Aug 1 - Montreal - l'X - 182 Ste. Catherines E. - with Uncivilized, Beauty Dropout, Phlegm. All Ages. $7.

July 31 - Ottawa - Barrymore's - with the mighty Ripcordz, the Riptides, and others - ONLY $2. This show will be a send-off for the Ripcordz as they head out West on tour.

July 30 - Toronto - Q-Bar - just found out we are playing a show tonight with Ifarm from Ithica, New York.

July 12 - Peterborough - Trashateria - with the 86ers and Class Assassins.

July 6 - Toronto - Kathedral - Class Assassins CD release party with DownBelows and 86ers - ALL AGES.

June 28 - Toronto - Sneaky Dees - with the 86ers, Battle Star, and guests.

June 7 - Peterborough - Trashateria -with the 86ers and guests. BTW - Peterborough rocks!

May 24 - Toronto - OPM Den - with Cheerleader and Goathorn. $5. We will likely not be able to make this show as one of the band needs to go home to be with an ill family member.

May 11 - Toronto - Ania's International Cafe - 627 Queen St. W @ Bathurst - with Murder Squad and Guests. $3 - Free before 10pm! Chicks free to 11pm (I didn't right this I'm just taking from the hand bill...)

Apr 21 - Toronto - Sneaky Dee's - Line up includes Submachine (Pittsburgh), Put to Shame (ex. Hockey Teeth members) and Armed and Hammered. $5 - All Ages Matinee.

Apr 20 - London - Call the Office - Line up includes Submachine (Pittsburgh), Put to Shame (ex. Hockey Teeth members) and Armed and Hammered (these guys rule!). $5 - All Ages. This show has been double booked so we will be playing with a local band called "Screamin' Demons" (or something like that). They will play last so come early - all the first bands ROCK LARGE!!!

Apr 19 - Guelph - Red Chevron Banquet Hall
- Line up includes Submachine (Pittsburgh), Put to Shame (ex. Hockey Teeth members) and Armed and Hammered. $5 - All Ages.

Apr 18 - Oshawa - The Dungeon - Line up includes Submachine (Pittsburgh), Put to Shame (ex. Hockey Teeth members) and Armed and Hammered. $5 - All Ages.

Mar 30 - London - The Embassy/Whippet Lounge - Line up includes: Put to Shame, Armed and Hammered and The Daily Murders. $5 - All Ages.

Mar 14 - St. Catherines - The Hideaway - Line up includes: Put to Shame, Snot Rockets (from Buffalo), Armed and Hammered. $5 - Doors open at 9pm.

Mar 8 - Toronto - OPM Den - We'll be playing with one of our favourite bands Armed'n'Hammered. With special guests Cheerleader. 418 Dundas Street West (a block East of Dundas and Spadina). This show is guaranteed to be smokin' or your $5 back! (18+ but I've asked the band to book some all ages shows soon...) View the gig poster (and listen to a little treat).

Jan 18, 2002 - Toronto - OPM Den - Looks like we may have found a new home! Line up TBA. BTW, if you are into good Chinese food the restaurant downstairs ROCKS! 418 Dundas Street W.

Dec 31 (New Years Eve) - Toronto - OPM Den - We'll be breakin' in a new club with this Hardcore New Years Eve. An all star line up with femme fatale, 86'ers. Cadillac Blac (Random Killing will play two sets one in 2001 and one in 2002). The club is located on Dundas Street between Beverly and Huron (418 Dundas Street W.) $7 gets your ass into 2002 with a kick start!

Dec 21 - Toronto - QBar - Another night of Fluorescent Hell show with limited edition CD-ROM free giveaway (see Oct 12)! We'll be playing two sets with a band called the 86'ers inbetween. $5 gets you in plus a free limited edition Random Killing CD/CD-ROM with a bunch of songs and videos.

Nov 16 - Toronto - QBar - with Falls River Fiends. We won't be doing the free CD-ROM thing (next show) 'cause we want to keep the admission price down... $5 at the door!

Oct 12 - Toronto - QBar - We are planning a special surprise for this gig... Okay, let me spoil the surprise. We are going to do our Fluorescent Hell schtick with costumes, posters and blacklights. We are also planning on making a special edition (free with admission) Random Killing CD/CD-ROM that will have tunes selected by each band member plus Video footage. For those of you who have not been to the QBar it is near the North West corner of Bathurst and Queen. This place is tiny so if you plan on being in the bar COME EARLY the doors will close once the club fills to it's max. We'll be playing two sets with a band in the middle (Gutter Snipes reunion). $5 gets you in plus a free limited edition CD/CD-ROM with 27 songs and 4 videos.

Oct 6 - Barrie - Don't know where but I hear Two-Pump Louie will be playing as well... All Ages. Just heard that our name is too controversial in light of the Sept. 11 incident. We are being billed as RANDOM KISSING! Watchout we may have to live up to our new name... :-) We will be playing early (7:30pm) 'cause we were supposed to be playing another show that night as well but we postponed it to the 12th instead - see above.

Aug 18 - Minden - Robber's Annual Farm bash... Outta Hand and others will be there...

Aug 10 - Toronto - El Mocambo - 4th Annual Anti-Warped Show. 12 Bands doors at 4:30pm bands begin at 5pm sharp! $6. All Ages.

05:00-05:30 - Urgency
05:45-06:15 - The No-No's
06:30-07:00 - The Rotten
07:15-07:45 - The Class
08:00-08:30 - The Killing
08:45-09:15 - Mandroid
09:30-10:00 - Adversary
10:15-10:45 - Rammer
11:00-11:30 - Fucknuckles
11:45-12:15 - Random Killing
12:30-01:00 - Ruination
01:15-01:45 - 2-Pump Louie

Aug 5 - Toronto Harbour - 2nd Annual Cruisapolooza boat cruise party - $30 - tickets available at the boat. Boat leaves at 4pm. I'll try and find out where the boat is leaving from ;-) This was serious FUN!

Aug 2 - Toronto - (Kos) moved to Q-Bar - with Outta Hand and another bands.

June 15 - Toronto - QBar - I believe just us the whole night long! We'll probably try and play all kinds of RK tunes we forgot years ago...

May 26 - Toronto - QBar - with Murder Inc. (Queen & Bathurst - northwest corner). Cancelled - Apologies to anyone that showed up to this show looking for us. We had to cancel due to another sudden death in one of our families... Strange times...

May 12 - Toronto - Kathedral - no details except it is an Insurgence Records show and there will be three US bands on the bill... (Queen & Bathurst - southwest corner). I think this show has been moved to the QBar. However, we will not be playing (see below).

May 5 - Toronto - QBar - with Murder Inc. (Queen & Bathurst - northwest corner). Date has been changed from the 4th to the 5th so we don't take all of Agnostic Front's fans away. Gee, I wonder if I can get my allan keys back from the drummer (he borrowed them a few years ago when we played with them... };-)> Cancelled - Apologies to anyone that showed up to this show looking for us. We had to cancel due to a sudden death in one of our families... The show has been rescheduled for May 26.

Apr 12 - Toronto - The Opera House - with Propagandi and Sixty Stories.

Mar 27 - Toronto - El Macombo - with Armed'N'Hammers and the Iron Bells.

Mar 17 (St. Patrick's Day) - Toronto - El Macombo - with Sinisters and others.

Jan, 2001 - Toronto - Kathedral - Don't remember who, what, why, when... Okay, I remember Outta Hand played!

Dec 31 (New Year's Eve) - Montreal - The Jailhouse - Ripcordz, Vulgar Deli, Walter, Vagabonds, and others. Hmmm, let's see... New Year's Eve, the finest hardcore bands this side of the North Pole, MONTREAL - there really is a Santa Claus!!!

Oct 31 (Halloween Night) - Toronto - El Mocambo - 2 Pump Louie, Armed'N'Hammered and other special guests.

Guess who finally arrived back in town (Oct. 17)? After a "grueling" 3 month all expenses paid tour of Europe Mr. Drool finally came home for a little R&R! Says he's off to Costa Rica in a month... So, we're gonna try and play some shows over the next few weeks...

Drool called to say that he will be back from his Ur-a-peein' Tour during the first week in October (see below) with this in mind we are beginning to setup some shows. Rumour has it that we will play with Armed'n'Hammered when they get back from their Ur-a-peein' Tour and hopefully Vulgar Deli will be on the bill as well - That will be a Toronto show. We are also setting up a Montreal show but I don't know the details of that yet... I also heard something about opening up for - can't remember the name of the band but you would know them if I could remember - that show will be in Toronto at the El Mocambo. On the lighter side of things I heard a rumour that Drool had all of his (tribenation's) video gear stolen while he was in Amsterdam. Likely story! I say he pawned it to keep himself in loose drugs and fast women...

Summer 2000 - we were hoping to do some touring this summer but it looks like we are just going to be sitting on our thumbs while Drool tours on his own! A few days ago he was bitchin' hard on our drummer for missing a practice and today he gets posted to a summer gig touring Europe. That's right - touring Europe in a 25 year old VW bus with a video camera. He has a gig with TribeNation - his beat was supposed to be extreme sports in North America but they had a situation that required him to be in the UK by next friday! So, who's the bitch now? Anyway, if any of you want to see what he has been up to and follow along with him this summer as he heads into every kind of craziness Europe has to offer then tune in to http://www.tribenation.com - the site doesn't officially open until August 1 but you can see what they are up to now... PS. Last I heard Drool wasn't expected back until end of September! Prick...

June 25 - Cornwall - All I know is that this show will have of tons of amazing bands from the Toronto, Montreal and in between! Ripcordz, Walter, etc... Bands start at 2pm. Proceeds to benefit the family of a murder victim.

May 12 - Toronto - Q-Bar - Cheap beer good entertainment!

May 5 - Hamilton - Corktown (Chuggy's) - With local bands.

Apr 15 - Toronto - Oasis - A night of rememberance to say goodbye to "Polish Pete" (RIP).

Feb 26 - New York City - C Squat - with Two Pump Louie and others (providing we all get across the border). All ages. (E. Houston Street near Ave C and 10th in Manhattan).

Jan 12 - Toronto - El Mocambo - with Useless Fucks (New Hampshire), Spotty Botty, VD Allin, and the Unabombers. 9pm $4.

Jan 8, 2000 - Toronto - Big Bop - With Two Pump Louie and others.

Dec 23 - Toronto - Beat Junkie - Raw Energy Xmas Party - We will be doing two short sets. About the show: CityTV showed up and broadcast live during their nightly entertainment section. You can check out the transcript of the entire news cast at CityTV. Once there use your browsers "find in page" feature and search for the word "Random" - Don't enter the "Killing" because you won't find anything... We've been called names before but never this...!

Dec 18 - Toronto - El Mocambo - w/ Jone Jet's biggest fan - the Ripcordz.

Dec 10 - Toronto - Shred Central Skate - w/Blast Cap.

Nov 9 - Toronto - Big Bop - Spy 66 all the way from Calgary.

Nov 5 - Oshawa - Outtahand CD release party.

Oct 1 - Toronto - Rivoli - Armed'N'Hammered's last show with M.A.D (Mark). Special guest Montreal's Vulgar Deli. These guys are all veterans of other well known Montreal bands. Vocals is Costa from Blood Sausage, from Ripcordz fame are drums - Francois and bass - Danny. One of the guitar players, Johnny, is from Walter. - PS. If you missed this show you're SOL - IT ROCKED LARGE.

Sept 21 - Toronto - El Mocambo - I think this an Armed'n'Hammered show. I assume we will be opening.

Sept 18 - Oakville - YMCA - I think we are playing with Two Pump Louie and maybe some other bands. It will be an early show. All Ages.

Sept 11 - Toronto - 360 - I believe we are opening for our friends Two Pump Louie. It is their CD release party. There may be other bands as well but nobody told me who...

Summer 99 - Lots of shows outside Toronto. Don't ask me where. I was out of commision and they got Chris Boneless to sub in on guitar. I remember almost playing one show! It was at some FAMILY WATER PARK in the middle of July! The show got all kinds of advertising on a commercial radio station and was sponsored by an alcohol company. I was suspious of the gig to begin with but I went anyway... When I arrived it was blistering hot and there were a couple thousand people in the park. None of them to see us! Just a bunch of families trying to beat the heat. I made my way to the stage and found the rest of the band in various stages of relaxation. ie. They were lying around very close to the free booze station! Drool was in fine form. He had been camped there over night drinking instead of sleeping! Strike one. We went on stage about twenty minutes after I arrived. We got 3 songs into our set and they pulled the plug on us! Drool freaked on the sound guy. He then got back on stage and told us to keep playing. We started up again but without the P.A. At this point the show organizers showed up at the side of the stage and tried to persade us to stop playing. We oblige. But a little too late. The damage was done. It turned out that they shut us down because Drool swore. Yup! That's right. Now, you would think that someone would have thought about this before they booked us and a bunch of other punk bands into a family water park. First, of all, Drool didn't swear during our set - he was singing the lyrics to our songs (All of which have profanities). But you can bet he was swearing when they shut us down! He went back stage and freaked at the top of his lungs (everyone was standing around watching him freak). One of the guys from Trunk came dangerously close to being squished like a bug for hassling Drool about getting the show cancelled. Then someone shouted that the cops and security were coming. At this point, we hid Drool in our van. When they arrived I negotiated with park security on Drools behalf. When the cops asked where Drools was both Mudd and I declared we didn't know and that we thought he had gone elsewhere in the park. Park security said if Drool left that instant that they would not press charges. I got the cops to agree that they wouldn't arrest him once out of the park and then we got Drool out of the van (which was right beside us) and he and I proceed to exit the park. The cops were pissed because we lied to them about Drools whereabouts. :-). Anyway, all seemed cool until we got to the park exit and then the cops reappeared to give us the final escort. Just as we were about to exit the park, Andy from Two Pump Louie and Rob's (our drummer) brother show up behind the cops with a video camera. They informed the cops that everything was being taped and they should be nice to Drool. They laughed and said they weren't going to do anything they just want to make sure that he left... And leave without incident (and without his presonal property - shoes, shirt, cigarettes, keys, etc) he did. And we all lived happily ever after! ;-)

June 11 - Eastern Canada Tour starts - Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Moncton, Sydney, Halifax, Fredricton, Cornwall, PEI, St. John, more places and dates TBA.

May 28 - Toronto - 360 - ARA benefit with all BFG, Politikill Incorect, Armed'n'Hammered...  Providing our drummer can make it...

UK Subs tour support.  We'll be providing limo services and opening along with another local band in each of the below cities.  I'll post the clubs asap...

May 20 - Quebec City.
May 19 - Montreal.
May 18 - Toronto.
May 17 - Kitchener.

UPDATE: At the last minute the UK Subs booking manager found out that we lived in Toronto and decided that we should play for less money in Toronto & Kitchener to which Mudd replied !@#$!... Later!!! And we pulled out of the tour. I personally think we should have played but Mudd was in a bad mood that day and wasn't into being jerked around!

May 7 - Cambridge - Refugee Cafe - with Lisp.

April 24 - Valleyfield, Que - can't remeber where but we are playing with Walter and maybe the Ripcordz.  See below re: Chris Boneless...

April 17 - Stratford - Can't remember where but it is around the corner from The Ten Day Cafe.  Chris Boneless from Out of Hand will debut on guitar filling in for Rusty Talent while he changes diapers all night!

April 2 - Oshawa - Battle of the Bands - Mudd says, "That was probably one of the most stupid things we have ever done!"

Mar 26 - Toronto - Lee's Palace - Poison Idea - we were looking forward to opening for them, but alas, it was not to be... They cancelled at the minute and we were promoted the evening - big guys!

Mar 25 - St. Catherines - cancelled.

Mar 2 - Toronto - Bovine Sex Club - Mudd says, "Note to self: Must play here again - Lots of... ;-)"

Feb 21 - Toronto - 360 - Benefit for the Toronto Food bank.  Lots of bands including Out of Hand...

Feb 20, 1999 - Oshawa - can't remember where or with who but Chris Boneless from Out of Hand did sound...

Dec 19 - Oshawa - cancelled

Dec 11 - Bellville - Engineer's Hall - with Out of Hand and Los Goblins. Show over by 11pm - come early!!!

Oct 30 - Toronto - Lee's Palace - A devil's night show! With EVIL guests JAWW and JANE DOE!

Oct 24 - Toronto - The 360 - This is a CKLN benefit with a bunch of other bands...

Aug to Oct - Fuck All! - We got sick of each other and decided to take a break...

August 9 to 15 - Eastern Canada - for the second time this summer things didn't go as planned but we did get out there!

July 3,4,5 - Tweed (near Belleville) - Raw Energy Picnic - they've rented a 150 acre park (Trudeau Park) right on a lake! Bring the whole family for this fun filled weekend with tons of bands! More TBA. $35 gets you a campsite and bands all weekend long. All ages.

June 18 to July 1 - Western Canada - cancelled - things got fucked up! Sorry to all of you that wrote to us...

May 2 - Trenton - with a bunch of other bands. This is the second fund raiser to setup a local skate park...All Ages.

Apr 25 - Peterborough - at The Market Hall with Politikill Incorect, Out Of Hand, Nine Inch Knobs, The Fheds, Freedumb, Curbsmile and 2 other local bands. The last show in Peterborough ROCKED!!! So if you didn't get out last time make sure you do this time... Politikill Incorect are not to be missed!!! All ages.

Apr 18 - Montreal - The Jailhouse - with the mighty Ripcordz and others...

Apr 17 - Belleville - Engineer's Hall - with Dike Justice, The Perscuted, Zombies Ate My Neighbours and The Consumerests.

Apr 14 - Toronto - Rivoli - CIUT benefit. Their ain't no fillers at this show so don't show up fashionably late! The evenings lineup in order from start to finish is: Corpus, Politikil Incorect, Random Killing & Jaww.

Apr 4 - London - The Whippet Lounge (Embassy Hotel) bar show. I think we are playing with Left Behind and others.

Mar 17 - Toronto - Club Shanghi - I don't know who is playing this St. Patrick's Day drinkfest but we will be playing early! My guess is that it is a 19+ show.

Mar 14 - Toronto - The Generator - This and the show on the 13th will be the final punk shows at the Generator! Both evenings will be recorded and filmed for an upcoming release called "The Last Pogo '98". We will be playing with The Forgotten Rebels, The Sinisters and the Texas Dirty Fuckers. The bands on the 13th will be Armed and Hammered, The Dayglo Abortions and others.

Mar 5 - Toronto - El Mocambo - this show is a benefit in support of breast cancer research. There will be a ton of bands upstairs and downstairs. From what I gather upstairs is all ages and downstairs is 19+. We're playing downstairs...

Feb 28 - Toronto - The Generator - This is an Armed & Hammered show that we will be playing. Also on the bill are Dirty Bird and Abalienation (NYC).

Feb 14 - Stratford, Ont. - The 10 Day Cafe. With Out of Hand, Left Behind and others. All ages show.

Feb 7 - Peterborough, Ont. - The Market Hall. With Dirty Bird, Out of Hand, Figure Four, Freedumb and The Fheds. All ages show - starts at 7:30pm!

Feb 1 - Toronto - Urban Punkfest - El Mocambo - Tons of other bands playing all day (upstairs and downstairs). We'll hit one of the stages about 9pm. I don't know if it is all ages or not...

Jan 14, 1998 - Open Mike with Mike Bullard - On the Comedy Channel 8-9pm. Hey, we're just as surprised as you! Just a little something Raw Energy cooked up last week... WARNING!!! This WILL be laughable!!!
See for yourself...

Dec 23 - Toronto - Raw Energy Records christmas party at some local haunt... Raw Energy stable of bands.

Dec 14 - Brampton, Ont. - The Rock Niteclub. With Spotty Body, 2 Pump Louie and a local band. All ages, show over by 10:30pm.

Dec 12 - Coburg, Ont. - Beyond the Bean - All ages - Also playing are Shoot the Hostage, Freedom Denied and Murder. This place is at 201 Division Street.

Dec 5 - Toronto - The El Mocambo - This is an Armed and Hammered CD release party plus a birthday bash for their singer (Mopa). Playing the party will be Spider Cunts (NYC), Punch Drunk (Vancouver), Jaww, Random Killing, Armed and Hammered. Admission price of around $5.00 will get you into the show plus a AAH CD! Get there early for the Upper Canada promotion between 8-9pm (in other words FREE BEER)!

Nov 29 - Toronto - The Generator - This was supposed to be a Hockey Teeth show but by default it looks like it is our show (our new drummer is in both bands) the band line-up seems to change daily so don't quote me on this but... also playing will be Tension, Spazmz, Jerry and the Final Thoughts, Spotty Botty, 2 Pump Louie and maybe even Hockey Teeth... Early start, 19+, $5.00.

Nov 8 - Toronto - Nathan Phillip Square (New City Hall) - Cancelled due to lack of funding...

Nov 7 & 8 - Toronto - Ted's Wreck - These will be our first shows with our new drummer. We will be opening for British psychobilly idols - King Kurt.

Oct 4 - Toronto - Club Shanghi - There is a possibility that we may sneak on the bill at the Shanghi. Nothing is carved in stone but if it happens we'll play early in the line up just to put our new prospect through his paces live.

Sept 7 - We're officially without a drummer at this point and would like to dedicate the enclosed midi file in memory of another fine drummer that has moved on... Okay, enough sentimental bullshit. Let the auditions begin! Any smokin' drummers out there interested can email us to set up an audition.

Sept 6 - Toronto - The Generator - with The Dayglo Abortions, Armed and Hammered, and Son of Bronto. All ages - $8.00

Sept 5, 1997 - Toronto - The 360 - "Stranded" CD release party! With guests Jersey, Out of Hand, Shitloads of Fuck All. If you haven't see Random Killing in a bit check this show out! It will be one of our last shows with our current drummer (Mikey) - see the gig poster. All ages - FREE SHOW!!!