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Released: by Raw Energy Records - Available in stores

Welcome is one of our more memorable CDs. It contains sing-along classics like "Patios & Beer" and "Big Rock Star"... Hey! Why not visit the snack bar or read "about this CD" while you listen to this CD. While you're listening to the tunes dig a little deeper into the site and check out the artwork, lyrics, etc... You may even stumble across a hidden link or two! Are we having fun yet?

Time Limited Offer!
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Prefab Homes - mp3Welcome - mp3Politicians - mp3Foreign Soil - mp3Deja Vu - mp3We're Sick - mp3Cars - mp3Big City Blues - mp3Simon Says - mp3She Drives Me Crazy - mp3Clifford - mp3Kicked in the Nuts - mp3Ritual Killing - mp3Beer - mp3Undertaker - mp3Big Rock Star - mp3Dogs - mp3Notoriety - mp3Terrorist Attack - mp3Patios & Beer - mp3